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Emily Carding

Emily Carding is a professional actor, writer and artist living by the sea in beautiful East Sussex. They are a solo parent to a teenage gothspring who was once an adorable faery child and possibly still is somewhere under all the hoodies and grunting. They are also the creator of The Transparent Tarot, The Tarot of the Sidhe and The Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog for Schiffer Books and author of Faery Craft, So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare and Seeking Faery for Llewellyn publishing as well as multiple essays for anthologies on various esoteric, mythical and mystical subjects.

Emily holds a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts from Bretton Hall and an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter. They have now appeared in versions of 24 of Shakespeare’s plays on stage and screen and won multiple awards for their innovative approach to Shakespearean performance including Brite Theater’s immersive solo adaptations of Richard III and Hamlet, and their own Quintessence, a sci-fi solo show which imagines a future in which an AI recreates humanity using the complete works of Shakespeare as a guide.

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Emily Carding
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