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The Hastings Book Festival celebrates writers and lovers of the written word - a welcoming and open place for everyone. Our first festival took place in August 2018, and has now become a regular and welcomed event on the local calendar.

Every book, story and person is unique -  very much like Hastings  - and the festival will give you the time and freedom to pause, think, connect, and be inspired.

We are an escape for the explorers and a catalyst for the curious – welcome to our Festival!

our aims

  • To advance education by promoting and providing affordable opportunities for the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of literature and the arts.

  • To promote and run a book festival and outreach activities primarily in Hastings and St Leonards.

  • To develop, promote and deliver a programme of activities to encourage local writers to develop their craft.

  • To work within the local community to encourage greater participation in the enjoyment and creation of the written word amongst schools and community organisations within the area.

affordable ticketing policy

We are committed to making all our events inclusive and accessible, which is why our ticket prices remain low and why our events for children and families are free, ensuring that as many people as possible can access the festival. 

We list our tickets with both a full price and a concessions price.

Concessions are for those on a low income and struggling with the cost of living. This is not limited to any individual category, such as students and pensioners, but relates to anyone who would like to visit the festival but cannot afford a full price ticket.

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